Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 Top reasons you need to STOP putting money aside for college

Stop putting money aside for college

Here the top 3 reasons why:
  1. Bill Gates is onboard - The internet has come of age.  Today it contains vast amounts of high quality information, including the content of many of the top colleges in the world.
  2. Bill Gates at the Techonomy Conference on August 6 2010 (video)
  3. Significant change is imminent - Between 2000 and 2006 Medicaid costs went up 62.6%. Higher Education tuition increased 63.4%. State budgets only 17.6%. Society is open to revolutionary solution(s).
  4. Protests at UCLA about the 32% increase in CA tuitions
  5. Startup community is busy at work - The education problem has been attracting many entrepreneurs (including yours truly) that see the great opportunities in this chaotic situation.
  6. Olexe is creating the business metaphors of the knowledge economy

In summary, unless you or your kids need to go to college in the next five years, I would strongly recommend you invest the money otherwise.  If you want an advice, I would suggest you save the money for your kids' first startup. That will become your retirement supplement.  Pretty cool hey?

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