Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ONE thing you need to know about your knowledge privacy

Do you sometimes feel uneasy about the amount of information you have about you and your family on social networks?

How are you coping with this uneasiness?
  1. Doing nothing. You believe this is part of a new era.
  2. securing. You only share with VERY close people.
  3. loading light. You are there, but with talk-show information.
  4. leaving. You don't think it's worth the risk.

    (right answer at the end)
A social network is like your local Starbucks.  When you go there (and sit) you go for coffee and to meet friends and family, to read, to create, etc. You go there to learn. Social networks are spaces of learning, where you exchange knowledge. This takes me to the blog title the one thing you need to know about knowledge privacy, and to your answer above.

Right answer: 3

You should only share the knowledge (photos, notes, etc) you would feel safe sharing in all Starbucks in the world.

Doing nothing will put you at risk. Securing gives you a false sense of security. Leaving works against you.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I can certainly agree with your "right answer". I'm an open book and thankfully because my wife isn't she's my litmus test when I get in the "sharing" mood.

  3. I agree with #3 and am amazed at the things people post. Combined with #2 (which Facebook changes when they want).

    I have had to split myself on FB and Twitter into different Fan pages and identities to keep those parts of my life away from my private network.

    Interesting world; but TMI can be dangerous.

  4. #3 is spot on. But just to qualify, it's best to post Oprah talk show info rather than Jerry Springer "dirt" info. Sadly a lot of people just don't know the difference.

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