Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you know HOW you learn?

Do you know how YOU learn?

Thought my entire student life, I learned pretty much the same way.  The only thing that made me realize whether or not I did a good job, was the final grade.

Today, when I look back, sitting on years of experience as a process re-engineering expert, I cannot stop from saying how wrong that looks.

Do you agree that learning is the most important process of the knowledge economy?  I'm sure you said yes, which brings us to a huge problem... we just don't know how we learn! Solving this problem will not differ from so many processes that society has successfully re-engineered in the past.

As a society, if we want to lead the knowledge economy, we need to understand a lot more about everything related with learning. However, by engaging the individual we achieve phenomenal results a lot faster.

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